Salesforce brings continuous delivery to devs
October 7, 2016

With Salesforce DX, introduced yesterday, Salesforce is overhauling its software development platform with an end-to-end lifecycle toolchain culminating in continuous delivery.

The platform features source-driven development, testing, a command-line capability, and a standardized developer experience. Integration with Heroku Flow provides continuous delivery for Heroku cloud apps and automates deployments off of GitHub repositories. Application pipelines streamline development, while a test suite supports continuous integration.

Early reviews by analysts give Salesforce DX a thumbs-up. “Salesforce DX is really important because so many Force.com customers want to adopt CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) practices, but there are so few tools to support the approach,” analyst John Rymer, of Forrester, said. “Salesforce’s Heroku Pipeline tool didn’t address Force.com, but now is the foundation of the DX product, which does.” The DX platform serves as a good step toward a full CI/CD solution, but Rymer said it isn’t complete yet, noting “it is best at CD; Salesforce will bulk up its CI features over time.”

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